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FRCNA is a paid event, rather than an NA meeting. With that being said, there is no such thing as an indigent package, a partial payment, or a donation option.

Individual members of our fellowship contribute to newcomer packages when they pre-register or register on site. A newcomer is defined as a member of Narcotics Anonymous with 90 days or less.

Treatment Centers are encouraged to reach out to the Registration committee via email at We will be able to discuss options to facilitate the registration process for the entire group.

Meeting schedules for local meetings as well as onsite marathon meetings will be available for those who won't be attending FRCNA, a paid event.


Some simple tips to help save some money:

  • Drink less energy drinks.

  • Make your own coffee at home.

  • Prepare some meals at home.

  • Write a list before you go shopping – and stick to it.

  • Avoid convenience foods and fast food.

  • Plan your meals around your grocery store’s flyer.

  • Invite friends over instead of going out.

  • Pack food for road trips.

  • Check out free events in town.

To help put it in perspective the average cost of one:

  • Regular cup of coffee $1.00

  • Energy drink $1.47

  • Latte $4.50

  • Pack of cigarettes $5.50

  • Bottle of vape juice $10.00

  • Dinner out $15.00

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