***Frequently Asked Questions***


What about Newcomer packages at FRCNA?

FRCNA is a paid event, rather than an NA meeting. With that being said, there is no such thing as an indigent package, a partial payment, or a donation option. Individual members of our fellowship contribute to newcomer packages when they pre-register or register on site. A newcomer is defined as a member of Narcotics Anonymous with 90 days or less. Treatment Centers are encouraged to reach out to the Registration committee via email at registration@frcna.com. We will be able to discuss options to facilitate the registration process for the entire group. Meeting schedules for local meetings as well as onsite marathon meetings will be available for those who won't be attending FRCNA, a paid event.

Why is Registration required?

FRCNA is an exciting celebration of recovery. We believe in the principle of self-support, and we believe the financial responsibilities for FRCNA are shared by all who attend. It is how we ensure that this event is a gift of hope and not a financial burden on the Fellowship as a whole. Understand that the convention incurs a great deal of expense. These expenses include the rental of the hotel convention meeting rooms, DJ’s for the dances, signs, printing of the flyers, programs and the items contained in the registration packets. Additionally, many facilities require all participants to register for insurance purposes. We believe once participants understand that the fees from registration help to make the event possible and the registration funds collected are used for the planning of future N.A. conventions, the question “Why is Registration Required?” will be answered. The monies collected help carry the message to the addict still suffering. No 7th Tradition funds are used. Your registration entitles you to attend scheduled events that do not require a ticket. If you have any questions about registration, please send an email to registration@frcna.com.

How do I register by mail?

You must mail your registration form no later than June 1, 2021. You may download a registeration form by clicking here. Puedes descargar un formulario de inscripcion en espanol por haciendo click aqui. If you have any questions about registration, please send an email to registration@frcna.com.

Do you offer child care during the convention?

Childcare is not provided by FRCNA. Parents and guardians are responsible for their child(ren) while at the convention. Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times during the convention. Please remember we are representatives of Narcotics Anonymous. We ask that you act responsibly. Should problems arise, you will be responsible for any/all damages.

If you have any questions, please email registration@frcna.com or contact a convention committee member and they will assist you.

Do I have to register my child(ren)?

Yes, everyone that attends the convention must be wearing a badge and/or wristband.

  • Children aged 13 and under are eligible for specially-marked children’s badges or wristbands at no charge and are available at the Registration desk.
  • Children over the age of 13 must have a registration badge to gain access to the convention and any badge-required activities.
  • In addition, children must have a ticket or wristband to enter all ticketed events.
We ask for your support and cooperation with the volunteers who are working the doors of meetings and events. We hope you all have fun and enjoy the convention. If you have any questions, please email registration@frcna.com or contact a convention committee member and they will assist you.


Can I sell alternative merchandise?

Space to sell alternative merchandise will be available at the convention on Sunday morning. All items that will be displayed, given away or sold and any flyers must be reviewed and approved by the Merchandise Chair. If you are interested in selling merchandise, please go to the merchandise room for approval. You can download the Alternative Merchandise form to fill out ahead of time or you can fill it out when you have your item(s) approved.

How do I submit a logo?

You may submit your artwork by emailing it to info@frcna.com or by mailing it to FRCNA, Attention Merchandise, PO Box 212525, Royal Palm Beach, FL 33421.

Guidelines for Artwork for a Preconvention and Convention Logo

  • Deadline for submissions
    • Pre-Convention by the 2nd Friday of September preceeding the convention dates
    • Convention by November 30th preceeding the convention dates

Please submit artwork in either an AI, EPS or Vector file*

*Hand drawn art may be in 8 x 8 or 8 x 11, 6 colors max with clean edges and no blending of colors and text is optional, if text is included please use a standard font.

Required Text:

FRCNA [number of convention] [theme of convention] Example 38 Shattering the Illusion

[Dates of convention] [City where convention is being held, FL] Example July 4-7, 2019 Orlando, FL

Note: Upon receipt of submissions all usage rights of artwork and/or designs are transferred exclusively to FRC, Inc. without restriction of use. Designer waives any further rights or claims to artwork, design.


How do I become a main speaker?

Main Speakers are selected by the Program support committee members who listen to mp3's that have been submitted. In order to be considered a mp3 must either be uploaded or mailed in.

A few guidelines for submissions:

  • Must carry a clear Narcotics Anonymous message.
  • Submissions must be less then 3 years old.

Main Speakers:

  • Have a minimum of 5 years clean time.
  • Have NOT been a main speaker at FRCNA within the last 10 years.
  • Have NOT been a main speaker at any other convention in the state of Florida in the past 18 months preceding FRCNA 38.
  • Upload MP3: www.frcna.com/speaker or mail to FRCNA, Attention Program Committee, P.O. Box 212525, Royal Palm Beach, FL 33421
  • BE SURE TO INCLUDE YOUR: Name, Telephone Number, Email Address, Area, Region, Clean Date, and When & Where the recording took place.
If you have any questions about programming or speaker submissions, please send an email to info@frcna.com.

Other Questions

How do I get involved?

There are numerous ways to get involved.

  1. Volunteer: Help execute the convention

  2. Support Committee Member: Help plan and execute the convention

  3. Board Member: Board of Director for FRC, Inc.

VOLUNTEERS: Help execute the convention

It takes a village to execute the convention and it is only made possible by those that have the willingness to give back in this special way. Don’t Worry – You’ll get to enjoy the convention, your volunteer commitment will not take away from your time enjoying all that the convention has to offer. Just a few hours are requested and we have a wide range of volunteer opportunities and it will enhance your convention experience. You can go to https://www.frcna.com/volunteer for more information or email us at info@frcna.com.

SUPPORT COMMITTEE MEMBERS: Help plan and execute the convention as well as collaborate on various projects in-between committee meetings

Support committee members should be prepared to meet at least 5 times prior to the convention dates at the location of the convention as well as volunteer during the convention. All support committee meetings take place on the first Sunday of the months of October, December, February, April, and June preceding the convention dates from 10:00 am until noon at the convention hotel unless otherwise instructed. Depending on the committee needs there may be additional scheduled meetings that are typically done via audio or video call, etc.

All members are welcome to attend the Support Committee Meetings! Each Committee is comprised of two (2) representatives elected from each Area within the Florida Region for Entertainment, Greeters, Hospitality, Marathon, Merchandise, Programming, Registration, and Serenity Keepers.

BOARD MEMBER: Board of Director for FRC, Inc. plan, host, and conduct the annual convention

Board members are required to attend the monthly meetings, audio or video calls, and execution of the convention. We encourage you to email us at info@frcna.com for details.

In general, the Florida Regional Service Committee elects five of the BOD members at the July RSC. Please refer to the FRC, Inc. policy for requirements, responsibilities, and elections of BOD members, or talk with any board member for more information about the FRCNA BOD.


Local NA Helplines, Websites & Meetings

To locate helplines, local websites and meetings near you go to www.na.org/meetingsearch